Two Tongues.


 pinioned by a vice

one jaw, fire; the other, ice

twixt the two, lava flows

glowing, the steam

cleaving existence into lesser halves


hapless surrender

snaps at the heels

until it sinks its ravenous fangs

into the bloodied pride of Achilles

bringing down the meek

and the mighty alike


and so moving deep in the waters

does this two-headed serpent whisper

mortifying the flesh and sapping the will

of the sleeping

those cursed to be crushed by the mill

slaves to the wheel

in thrall


but that double-tongued cobra

when caught in the act is fused

into burnished steel

becoming a sword to the power

of One

cutting the Gordian knotted tongue

transforming the serpent

into the servant


and a slave rises from bent knee

to become the master.