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The Company
  1. Short Story Rights

Licensee shall enjoy the rights to acquire the short story and to produce and/or star and/or direct in the filmed production of the short story, TBD, a property owned by The Company.

  • These rights shall remain in force for a period of three years from the date of signing this Memorandum or until a production is effected by or on behalf of the Licensee, who will then own the rights of the finished product outright.
  • If the Production does not occur within that time period, all rights shall revert to The Company.
  • Payment for rights to option the story shall be $600 due on signing of this Memorandum.
  • Screen credit shall be given in the Head Credits as follows: Story by Ross Ulysses Munroe.


  1. Filmed Production

A filmed production may upon request by the Licensee be undertaken and completed by The Company, running up to fifteen minutes in length. This shall include but not be limited to:

  • All Preproduction
  • Casting
  • Locations
  • Wardrobe
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Props
  • Crew
  • Meals
  • Editing
  • Special Effects
  • Colour Correcting
  • Stock Music including rights
  • Credits

The Production shall occur according to the following terms:

  • The Production shall be financed by Licensee, with a total budget of $10,000, depending upon the scope of the story + HST.
  • $4,000 of this amount shall be paid on approval of the script, $3,000 the day before Principal Photography and the balance on delivery of the Masters of the finished product. HST is extra.
  • Ross Ulysses Munroe shall provide a shooting script version of the short story at no extra charge.
  • On the shoot day, the decisions of Ross Ulysses Munroe shall be final, in collaboration with Licensee.
  • Screen credit shall be given as follows: Starring Licensee, Written & Directed by Ross Ulysses Munroe, Produced by Dallas Boyes & Virginia Munroe.
  • Marketing materials may be developed by The Company at the discretion of Licensee including poster art, DVD cover etc. for extra fees to be discussed.

We the Undersigned agree to the above terms:


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                                                                     The Company

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